The Inherited Retinal Diseases Clinical Trial Network

Clinical trials involving retinal gene therapy, oral medication, and eye injections are advancing state-of-the-art therapies to the inherited retinal disease (IRD) community.

Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs)

The conditions vary, but those with IRDs may face many similar challenges, including night blindness (nyctalopia), declining vision, or blindness at birth. 

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The mission of the Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs) Clinical Trial Network is to facilitate the connection between patients with IRDs and the relevant active clinical trials. Our network hopes to contribute to selected ongoing and upcoming research and provide novel treatments for a set of conditions that, until very recently, had few.

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Inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) are a group of rare blinding conditions caused by one of more than 250 different genes. Some people living with IRDs experience a gradual loss of vision that may eventually lead to complete blindness. Others may be born with or experience vision loss in infancy or early childhood.

The IRDs Clinical Trials Network may be able to arrange for free Genetic Testing

Identifying the genetic mutation responsible for an IRD is key to understanding what specific therapy might be appropriate for each individual.

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